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Facets of a diamond have great importance in deciding its beauty. It affects the brilliance, sparkle, fire and scintillation, etc. of the stone. Different diamond cuts have different number of facets. The facet arrangement and its right proportion play an important role in determining the value of a diamond.

If the facets are not arranged properly, it will reduce the capacity of diamonds to reflect and refract light, hence, the less will be its shine. Therefore, when you buy diamonds, make sure that their facets are arranged properly. Buy diamonds from the best diamond seller to ensure its good quality and value.

Will the sparkle of a diamond increase if there are more facets?

Many people believe that the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond will increase with the increase in the number of its facets. But this is not true. The sparkle of a diamond depends more on the proportion and symmetry of the facets’ arrangement rather than its number. Hence, if you buy a diamond make sure that the diamond has perfect symmetry in terms of its facet arrangement. Purchasing diamonds from top diamond dealers will help you to make sure that they have all the characteristics desired in a diamond.

What are the facets of a diamond?

The facet of a diamond can be described as the flat surface found on the geometric shape of the stone. For example, if you inspect a brilliant-cut diamond, you can see that there are a total of 57 facets. Among these, 33 facets are distributed on the upper part of the girdle, whereas, the rest are found on the pavilion. Some round brilliant diamonds can have 58 facets too.

The facet arrangement should be in such a way that it will maximize the amount of light entering the stone. The arrangement should also improve the capability of a diamond to reflect the light entering it, resulting in more brilliance and sparkle. This can be achieved only if the facets are arranged in correct symmetry and proportion.

Like facets, the pavilion and the crown of a diamond also has a significant role in producing the sparkle. The crown acts as a window that helps the light to enter the stone, while the pavilion is responsible for redirecting the light back to the observer’s or wearer’s eye. Hence, along with the facet arrangement, it is also important to ensure that the crown and pavilion are also cut in the right proportion for the diamond to exhibit maximum brightness.

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