All That You Should Know About Round Cut Diamonds

About Round Cut Diamonds
About Round Cut Diamonds

Once you have made up your mind about getting diamond jewelry for yourself or for your dear ones, you might probably get stuck at the decision of diamond cut, especially if you are not much of a diamond expert. If you want a timeless piece that stays important despite changing years, the best option is a round cut diamond, as no cut could ever match its timeless nature. After you decide to go with round cut, make sure to buy from the best diamond retailers.

Understanding Round Cut In Detail

More than 50% diamonds purchased globally are round cuts and the statistics sheds light to the popularity of the cut. At no point did the cut lose its importance, especially with several fancy cuts being developed each year. The round cut has 57 facets and if the culet too is counted, the cut has a total of 58 facets that enhance the brilliance of the cut.

Among all the new and old, fancy and traditional cuts, round cut has the maximum brilliance. The cut captures light that comes from all directions and reflect it so well. No wonder why the shape is generally referred to as round brilliant cut. Do not let cheaper prices fool you, and always make sure that you approach the best diamond seller available in the online platform to buy diamonds.

Round Shape Cut Guide

The only shape that the GIA grades for cut is round, and the analysis of the cut grade can help you greatly when it comes to picking the best diamonds. Every diamond cut has several parameters and their values determine the quality of the cuts. Below given are some of the cut parameters of round shape.

  • Table Percentage– Dividing the top surface area of the diamond by the diameter of the diamond gives the value of table percentage. Too large table percentages will affect the reflection of light from the diamonds, and the light will escape from the top of the diamond before it reaches the eye. Round cuts having table percentages between 65% and 53% are considered as excellent cut.
  • Depth Percentage– Depth percentage indicates the height of the diamond from the top of the table to the culet, and is measured by dividing the depth by the width of the diamond. Depth percentages between 67% to 57% are considered excellent.
  • Length To Width Ratio– The ratio is obtained by dividing the length of the diamond by its width and the ideal depth percentage for round cut is 1.

Round cut is a classic option that never goes outdated because of its eye-catching brilliance and sparkle and the ideal shape of the cut makes it the best fit in solitaire rings.

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