A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Congrats! You have finally found the love of your life with whom you can spend the rest of your life. Now, you are all set to pop the question and are likely to be wondering about the ways to stage a grand proposal scene to woo her. However, just an incredible proposal line and location will not be enough to sweep your lady love off her feet. Rather, the best way to impress her will be a resplendent diamond engagement ring, which symbolizes the love and commitment you have for her. Without any doubts, nothing is in your hands once you propose to her since the ultimate decision will be hers. Again, a stunning diamond ring can do wonders.

Make sure to consider reputable diamond dealers when it comes to your diamond ring purchase since the scams in the diamond industry are increasing drastically. Plus, the best diamond retailers are likely to guide you through the perfect diamond engagement ring hunt process using their expertise. Thankfully, you are likely to find numerous reputable diamond dealers both online and offline; you may consider the one that works the best for you.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Hunting Process

In most cases, the diamond engagement ring will be the first-ever piece of jewelry that a guy purchases. Hence, his knowledge of the same will be zero. No wonder, most guys may find this whole diamond ring hunting process extremely daunting and overwhelming even if they have expert jewelers by their side to guide them. After all, you know your better half well than the jewelers and hence, the ultimate decision must be yours. However, always make sure to choose a ring that defines your significant other in the best way possible. Make sure that she will be comfortable flaunting the gleaming trinket that you choose even after several decades. If you are still scared and is wondering where to begin, you may refer to the helpful guide given below.

Your Budget

The first thing that you must consider before even starting your shopping is the budget. Even though this is not going to be an affordable process, it is always recommended not to go overboard. You are likely to come across numerous policies when it comes to spending on a diamond engagement ring; the most popular option is the three months’ salary rule. However, all these are the marketing strategies adopted by diamond sellers to boost up their scales. It is to be noted that no money can define your love to your better half; its the emotions that matter the most.

Needless to mention, no woman will love her partner being indebted or compromising on their lifestyle just to buy an expensive diamond ring for her. Furthermore, having a budget in mind before entering a jewelry store will let you resist the influence of the salespeople there to choose their expensive baubles. Plus, it will help you to narrow down your search to a great extent. Just be upfront with the jeweler so that they will understand your budget range and will show rings accordingly.

The Jeweler

You may find numerous diamond jewelry stores in your place. Sadly, not every diamond store will be reputable and the chances for you to get ripped or scammed are high when purchasing at such stores. Hence, it is always important to consider the certification and credentials of even the best diamond retailers around you. The best way that you may consider in this case is to seek suggestions from your friends or relatives who have already gone through the diamond engagement ring purchasing process.

Additionally, check out the online reviews of different diamond ring stores and their Business Bureau ratings for better clarity. Once you zeroed in on an option, ask the jeweler about the certification of their diamonds. Note that the GIA certified diamonds are regarded as the best options that offer the best standards for the gemstones. You may also consider certification of the labs the AGS, IGI, etc.

Her Personality

Last but not the least; make sure that the diamond engagement ring that you chose is perfect to complement the style and personality of your better half. After all, she is the one to wear the ring for the rest of her life. If you are lucky, your partner would have already hinted you about the type of diamond ring she likes making the whole process much easier. Otherwise, it is better to seek help from this jeweler at this point of time. As mentioned earlier, they would be dealing with such cases daily and will be easier for them to help you out.

The jewelers are likely to ask you different questions such as her dressing style, hobbies, jewelry style, lifestyle, character, etc., in order to decide the right diamond ring option. You can also check her Pinterest board or social media feed to get some clues. Furthermore, you can design an exclusive diamond engagement ring for her staying within your budget limit with the help of reputed diamond jewelers.

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