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If you are searching online for buying a diamond then you might come across the terms synthetic diamond or lab-grown diamond. For those who are not familiar with diamond terminology, these words might be foreign. Therefore, in this article, we provide you information about synthetic diamonds which will help you to learn more about them. A lot of online diamond retailers are selling them now, so it is important for you to know about them before you buy a diamond.

What are Synthetic Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds which are created inside a laboratory under controlled conditions. Unlike natural diamonds, which are formed in the earth’s crust over billions of years, synthetic diamonds are created in a short span of time. It will only take almost two weeks for the formation of synthetic diamonds inside a laboratory.

Natural diamonds need high pressure and temperature for their formation. These conditions are replicated inside a laboratory for the process of creating a synthetic diamond.

Characteristics of Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds have the same chemical and physical structure as natural diamonds. It is impossible to distinguish between a natural diamond and lab-grown diamond with naked eye. They are similar in appearance with the same physical properties.

Advantages of Synthetic Diamonds

Nowadays, lab-grown diamonds are increasing their popularity. Here are some advantages of synthetic diamonds that make them more desirable than their natural counterparts.

Greater Purity and Improved Quality

Synthetic diamonds will have high purity than natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust over billions of years, so it possible for them to contain impurities inside them. But lab-grown diamonds are developed inside a laboratory under special conditions, so there is only less possibility for them to be ingrained with impurities. Less impurity means higher quality as they will be more brighter and whiter than their natural counterparts.

Guaranteed Origins

Most of the time, it is impossible to track the history of a natural diamond. We cannot find out where it comes from and which the source of the diamond is. But with synthetic diamonds, it is possible to track its journey and we can be sure of its source.

Affordable Prices

Lab-grown diamonds are less costly than natural diamonds. As these diamonds have no differences in their appearance, now it is possible to get a high-quality diamond for a fraction of the price of a natural diamond.


Synthetic diamonds are called ethical diamonds because of their conflict-free origin. Natural diamonds are mined from deep down the earth. Therefore, they can result in considerable damage to the earth. But lab-grown diamonds are developed inside a laboratory which does not pose any environmental damage.

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