4 Things you need to Know before Buying Diamonds Online

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It is very common among people these days to buy diamonds online. There are plenty of online diamond stores which make it easy for customers to get their required diamond at a good rate. Since online diamond shopping is gaining popularity, there are also many deceptions taking place in this field. Most often, the diamond customers have very less knowledge about the diamond and its whereabouts which lead them to get cheated by the seller. Here are five important things you must know if you are planning to buy diamonds online.

Carat Weight and Diamond Size is Not the Same

Different gem materials have different densities and hence their sizes also vary. Two gemstones may have the same carat weight but their sizes can be different. The cut of the stone also affects its size. Sometimes extra weight of the stone can be hidden inside the girdle. This usually happens with the poorly cut diamond stones. Therefore the cut grade of the diamond should be understood clearly before buying the diamond. The thicker girdle can add to the weight and make you pay more for the diamond.

Diamond Prices Jump at Certain Weights

When purchasing diamonds, people usually prefer to buy stones of some ‘magic size’ carat weights. Examples of such ‘magic size’ diamonds are diamonds weighing 0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct, 1.00ct etc. The truth is that the diamonds that are of the magic size or above the magic size are usually costlier than the less weighing diamonds. Therefore, it is better to go for the less weighing diamonds because in appearance all of them look the same. That is to say 0.98ct diamond and 1.01ct diamond looks the same and is difficult to distinguish.

Carat Weight and Total Carat Weight are Different

Generally there are the solitaire rings with one diamond and then there are rings which are multi stoned. Carat weight is the weight of a single stone whereas total carat weight denotes the sum total of the weights of all stones in a multi stoned ring. It is the center stone which largely determine the price of the ring.

Get the GIA Grading Report to Verify the Quality of the Diamond

If you are buying the diamond online, make sure that you get the GIA grading report. The genuineness of the diamond can be understood by referring to the GIA grading report which details the characteristics of the diamond.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while buying diamonds online. Make sure that your purchase is verified and authentic so that you can be at peace after buying the diamond.

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